Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Came

You came
into my life –

Not running
not charging –

But quietly…
Almost without
a sound
or movement.

Permeating walls
I took so long
to build.

Stirring emotions
that have
been smoldering
in the ashes
of loves
that died.

Who Am I?

I’ve built myself up
to be more of what
you wanted me to be
than what I really am.

And now
I’m no longer
certain of what
I’m like.

I tried to be
what I thought
you were –
what I thought
you would want
me to be –
and now
I’m no one

I look into your eyes
only to see
that ‘m not half
as beautiful
as I had believed
I was…

You Uncomplicated My Life

You uncomplicated
my life -
for one hour -
giving in to
the misunderstanding.

Liking that which
you had programmed
not to like.
Listening to words
you never
wanted to hear.
You gave me
the chance
to undo
all that I’d done.
Rearranging sentences,
tearing up letters,
erasing thoughts.
And I -
in tragic effort to conceal myself –
fidgeted with my spoon,
drank more coffee than I like to –
and ran from you
trying to find myself.


As we
lie here -
back to back
in restless sleep -
each spent
on our own
space and time -
i realize that
i am fully awake
and aware
that we no longer
sleep all
tangled up
in arms
and legs.